About Us

Interior designer Daniel C. Reynolds founded DLIFESTYLEUK during the pandemic of 2020, when our lives changed dramatically, restricting us all to our households.

DLIFESTYLEUK is a L’Art de la Table online shop, offering our clients access to the finest tabletop products, curated in various parts of the world.

The heritage behind our brand goes back many years; Daniel has always expressed his passion for table decoration and flair for entertaining to host friends and family at his private residences – be it in London, Berlin, Barcelona or during his time in Mexico City.

Daniel’s creative mindset coupled with his sharp sense of aesthetics rapidly evolved from helping his close friends to gaining him notoriety amongst some of Europe’s most prestigious households, assisting them in creating the perfect tablescapes for a myriad of occasions. He frequently collaborates with top artisans in the development of tabletop products throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

“We spend a considerable amount of time sitting at the table, it’s a place where many of life’s important events take place, but beyond that dressing a table nicely is essential to feeling a sense of house pride and facilitating the feel-good factor we all seek. There are innumerable benefits to a well-considered home, and the table is an important feature in any discerning household, be it grand or subtle”.  – Daniel C. Reynolds

Working alongside prestigious professionals in the industry, Daniel carefully selects the finest high-quality tabletop products, making your table unique sizzling with style. Daniel’s key ethos is to ensure his clients have access to beautifully-crafted goods with excellent quality and timeless design for every occasion.

Daniel’s eclectic design eye has been crafted through extensive exploration of the arts, architecture and international travel. His inspirational tablescape décor mixes classical and modern elements in a fresh, playful and sophisticated way. It’s an effortless juxtaposition of contemporary items alongside his classical pieces.

Daniel trained as an interior designer at the Chelsea College of Arts and Central Saint Martins College in London. He also holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from King’s College London.

Daniel’s goal extends beyond simply being another purveyor of luxury décor goods. He is passionate about creating an atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment around the table.